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The Bower Re-Use And Repair Centre

Bower Gift Card

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Not sure what to get? Why not grab a gift card! We really appreciate the support and the recipient will find everything they have ever wanted at our second-hand store - online or in store. The gift card can be used for any goods and items. 

Why Shop at the Bower?
The Bower Re-Use & Repair Centre is an environmental co-operative and charity committed to reducing waste, CO2 emissions and educating communities on how to do the same. At the Bower, second-hand comes first because we are serious about Reuse and Repair. Our shopfront in Marrickville our online stores help support our Collection & Re-homing service, Repair & Education Workshops. In our Marrickville store, we have a large selection of second hand + upcycled items.  

Get in touch with for any support with your gift card. Please note that our gift cards are created through our Shopify account and are not a physical product. The gift card will be emailed to you on purchase.  Bower Gift Cards cannot be used for Workshop bookings. You can find more information on our workshops at